When was the last time you gave yourself permission to step out of your busy routine?

A private sound bath or a sound immersion experience is a great way to unwind, restore balance, and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit.

 It offers you the chance to clear your head, get out of your habitual box, (re)connect with your life force, expand consciousness, and sink into a deep state of relaxation.

Yes, YOU deserve it so much!

No previous meditation experience needed!

   Sound bathing also goes by the names sound meditation and ‘sound healing’. It is a profound immersion in harmonious frequencies with a scientific foundation. The vibrations create a deeply meditative and soothing environment, helping the listener shift brain activity from accelerated brainwaves to slower, more synchronized ones.

You are fully present while also losing a sense of time.

A beautifully paradoxical state.

   This deeply meditative state offers the perfect opportunity to engage in self-inquiry and self-discovery. And in some (not so rare) cases, listeners even find lasting relief from anxiety, emotional trauma, and physical pain.

   Besides bringing you more in touch with yourself, a sound bath also enhances a sense of connectedness with those around you. This makes it the perfect shared experience, be it with your loved ones (sound bath for couples), friends, or colleagues. (sound meditation for businesses).

Here, at Sound Bath NYC, we provide a deeply immersive experience rooted in harmonious frequencies that not only transport you to a state of profound meditation, but also foster self-discovery and relief from various emotional and physical burdens. 


what instruments are used for sound bath?

   Each sound healing session comprises a meticulous selection of hand-made instruments, letting you enjoy finely tuned sounds crafted by delicate human touch.

   In search of the best quality, every single instrument has been carefully hand-picked. This quest for perfection took me nearly a decade, and it brought me to places as far as India and Nepal where I tested several thousands of instruments, attentively listening to and learning from the ancient wisdom imprinted in these antique masterpieces.

   When booking your session with Private Sound Bath NYC, you will be guided on your sound journey with the following instruments:

Koshi chimes sound teaser (life recording)

1) 24 authentic, antique Himalayan singing bowls

   All sessions are led by captivating voices of museum quality singing bowls, ranging from 100 to 300 years old.

   On an individual level, each singing bowl produces rich harmonious tones with long-sustained resonance, promoting grounding and relaxation through slow rhythmic pulsations.   

As a whole, they make up a coherent choir of frequencies with mesmerizing synergistic effects. When gently caressing the body, each bowl generates delicate, soothing vibrations. This technique is called vibroacoustic massage 

 In a matter of seconds, every cell of your body gets nourished with healing frequencies. You soften, melt, and feel rejuvenated, letting go of any physical, mental, and emotional tension.

   Very often, my clients refer to this as an "out-of-body experience”.

Singing bowls sound teaser (life recording)

2) An awe-inducing 42-inch Air Cosmo gong from Tone of Life

   A gong is a powerful transformational tool that provides an entry point to regeneration and self-discovery.

Throughout our evolutionary development, we have evolved to associate low tones with darkness and our primordial fears, while high-pitched ones are more often linked with light and happiness.

 To tap into these psychological associations, I alternate between these opposing, yet complementary tones when playing my gong.

   After a warm wave of low frequencies, fine high-pitched overtones are gradually unveiled and isolated. They shine over the roaring background. With each introduction, it feels as if a delicate beam of light is radiating through the shadows. New nuances spring forth and seemingly contradictory feelings alternate with one another.

best gong for sound bath

  This, in turn, evokes a deeply emotional journey on both a psychological and physical level, allowing you to somatically experience how darkness and light are truly inseparable.

Cosmo gong sound teaser (life improvisation)

3) A melodious angelic therapy harp by Barbie Edwards

   A harp is a delicate instrument that serves as a powerful tool for healing by directing the mind towards a benevolent state of being.

   While some say “The devil is in the details”, I am more inclined to say that “The angels are in the details”.

   With each gentle stroke, a soothing vibration is created that carries a rich blend of subtle nuances. Combined, these vibrations evoke a deeply personal story that cannot be rationally processed. When the harp is placed and activated on a body, it feels like.... (words are very unnecessary).

therapy harp for sound bath

Gaia harp sound teaser (played on the chest of a client)

4) Additional instruments

   Other instruments that I use are: 

* a powerful 32-inch frame drum

* a dynamic Shruti box (surpeti),

* a cleansing Aztec death whistle, and

*  melodic Koshi chimes

*  tuning forks

* other tasty frequencies  

   Each with its own specific purpose and unique effect.

Shruti box for sound bath

A Shruti box sound teaser (a drone background for exercising vocalization) 


Book a session with Private Sound Bath NYC at the location of your choice.

No previous meditation experience is needed!

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We offer a fixed price for sound baths in the area of NYC (five boroughs) 

Create lasting memories with the ones you care about

Birthday sound bath, Bridal shower sound bath, Baby shower sound bath, Bachelor party sound bath, Memorial Ceremony, etc. 

Duration: approximately 120 minutes. Participants: 2 - 20: $500 

        21 - 40: $700 (negotiable)

Discover new depths of intimacy without saying a word

Sound bath for couples

Duration: approximately 120 minutes. Participants: 2: $450

   Enhance the productivity and creativity of your employees with a sound meditation.

Sound bath/sound meditation for businesses

Duration: approximately 120 minutes. Participants: 2 - 20 participants: $600

    21 - 40 participants: $700

Infuse your cacao or plant medicine ceremony with the healing effects of sound

Cacao / medicine plant ceremony sound bath

Price: $600 

All visits outside the area of five boroughs are subject to custom prices. Please contact us for details.



Sound Healing in New York

Hello dear visitor,

Thank you for dedicating your precious time browsing through this page.

My name is Guy Yair Beider and I am your humble sound servant. 

After being introduced to the sound of Himalayan singing bowls in 2007, my life changed forever.

Despite my initial skepticism, I began working with sound healing instruments in combination with extensive research in the fields of psychology, musicology, and psychoacoustics. This decade-long journey offered me an intricate understanding of the mental, emotional and spiritual responses that sonic patterns evoke.

My approach is grounded in a fusion of scientific and intuitive work. Since 2011, I have facilitated hundreds of meditations in yoga studios, martial art schools, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and various organizations for people with special needs, PTSD, and AA groups.

Today, I want to share this transformative practice with you.