Even on our best days, stress can make it difficult to be fully focused and productive. A small amount of stress boosts performance, but too much of it can cause burnout, disengagement, strained relationships, and sick days.

With the ever-growing amount of stressors, investing in corporate wellness has become more vital than ever before. It makes employees more creative and focused. And it greatly improves the overall work atmosphere.

This also explains why more and more big corporations are inviting sound bath and sound meditation facilitators to their offices. They have read the studies. They understand the importance of mental health and know that meditation is a way to create balanced, happy workers who get things done.

sound bath for oficce and business

And over the past years, numerous studies have been conducted that support this: 

  1. Harvard Medical School researchers discovered that practicing meditation can alter the brain's ability to better learn and retain information. In this way, meditation leads to better performance by helping employees stay on task longer and improving their time management skills.
  2. A study at the University of Groningen, Netherlands, found that mindfulness is linked to creativity. Meditation is a great way to increase problem solving skills and develop creative thinking, which can prove useful in the workplace.
  3. Boston University researchers Meditation programs have been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, which can make workers happier and more satisfied with their jobs. 
  4. Stanford University School of Medicine carried out a study meditation can reduce stress-related symptoms by 30%, which can cause serious illnesses. This can increase worker attendance, reduce the number of unpaid absences, and boost productivity overall. 
  5.    A 2018 Study by the University of California, Berkeley found that mindfulness training in the workplace can lead to improved productivity and psychological well-being.
  6. Employees who are stressed can incur $2,000 more per year for health care than their less stressed coworkers. This can add up to a million dollars per year for companies in stress-related costs.
  7.  58% of Americans believe that work is a major source of stress. Stress is mainly caused by workload (36%), people issues (31%), work/life balance (20%) and job security (8%) respectively. 


Sound bathing also goes by the name ‘sound meditation.’ It is an age-old practice with a scientific foundation that offers listeners a wide array of benefits.

Through a deep immersion in harmonious frequencies, a soothing, meditative environment is created. This invites you to safely explore new levels of self-inquiry and self-discovery. And it can provoke profound insights that lead to life-changing transformations and a new sense of purpose.

Some of the most common experiences are the relief of emotional tension and physical pain, the awakening of intuitive knowledge, and the transcendence of creative barriers.

Numerous times, I witnessed tears of joy. And clients generally leave the session feeling more in touch with themselves, while also being more attuned to those around them.

Typically, your sound bath will include the following:

A short informative introduction to sound meditation.

To ensure that everyone are well-prepared, we also take the time to purposefully cultivate your intentions (10-20 minutes).

A Q&A session

in which you can raise any doubts or questions you may have. (5-10 minutes).

A guided breathwork exercise

to clear the mind. Your breathing pattern will be guided by the rhythm of a powerful 32-inch frame drum (5-7 minutes).

A guided vocalization session

to draw your attention inwards and open your vocal tract. This segment involves buzzing, humming, and/or singing vowels – depending on what the group feels most comfortable with. The vocalization is accompanied by the dynamic frequencies of a Shruti box (7-10 minutes). 

A deeply meditative sound bath

with a variety of different instruments, including a set of 24 antique Himalayan singing bowls, a powerful 42-inch “Tone of Life Cosmo” gong, Koshi chimes, and a therapeutic harp.

A restorative period of reflection and integration.

Back to reality safe arrival.

   Enhance the productivity and creativity of your employees with a sound meditation.

   Sound bath / sound meditation for businesses. The duration of the session is 90-120 minutes (can be easily customized according to your needs).
2 - 50 participants: $700. 

   All visits outside the area of five boroughs are subject to custom prices. Please contact us for details. 

Sound bath / sound meditation for businesses. Two sessions. The duration of each session is 50-60 minutes (can be easily customized according to your needs).
2 - 60 participants: $700. 

All visits outside the area of five boroughs are subject to custom prices. Please contact us for details.