What is a sound bath?

Sound bathing also goes by the names “sound healing” and “sound meditation.”

Typically, it is a way to relax and rejuvenate by actively listening to gentle, harmonious sounds that are emitted by a variety of instruments.

What is the best place in New York to experience a sound bath or sound healing?

There is no place on Earth better than home!  You are invited to explore the option of bringing sound healing to your living room (or another place of your choice).

What are reported benefits of a sound bath?

Sound bathing offers listeners numerous benefits.

Just one session can normalize blood pressure, improve digestion, and help relieve physical pain, insomnia, and heavy emotional baggage. 

The nervous system is soothed. Anxiety is reduced.  And new levels of self-inquiry and self-discovery can safely take place.

This brings you more in touch with yourself. And it often results in an enhanced sense of well-being and the unlocking of intuitive knowledge and creativity.

What is the difference between a sound bath and sound healing?

“Sound bath” and “sound healing” are two terms that are frequently used to describe the same treatment. In a way, they are interchangeable, but to be precise: sound bathing is a method through which sound healing occurs.

How does a sound bath work?

Sound bathing is an age-old practice with a scientific foundation.

The harmonious frequencies emitted by the instruments create a deeply meditative and soothing atmosphere.

The healing vibrations help shift brain activity from accelerated brainwaves to slower, more synchronized ones. A state of relaxation and rejuvenation is induced. And profound positive effects can take place.

What do you wear to a sound bath?

Sound bathing contains the word ‘bath’, but it is not a water activity and it does not require a swimsuit. Bathing simply refers to the immersion in harmonious sounds and vibrations. 

For your convenience, please wear clothing that you feel comfortable in.

A loose T-shirt and pants are great examples.

Also, since you'll be in a sleep-like state for about an hour and a half, consider the room temperature and maybe bring something warm along. An additional blanket is also a good idea.

What does a sound bath feel like?

A sound bath is an immersive experience that can bring about a multitude of emotions.

The major segment involves psychoacoustical manipulations via singing bowls, creating echoing interlacing pulsations.

Your entire being is softly caressed as the sonic vibrations gradually fill up the space around you. In a matter of seconds, spotting the original source of sound becomes nearly impossible. And a unique childlike curiosity is evoked.

Generally, listeners report experiencing a profoundly meditative state in which time and space no longer exist. 

And some even enjoy a transformational "out of body" journey.

How long does a sound bath last? 

Your sound bath session will usually last between 90 to 120 minutes. 

For more information on what you can expect, please read the "about private sound bath page."

What can I expect from a sound bath? 

Sound bathing has been shown to improve numerous aspects of physical and mental health.

A 2016 study looked at the effects of sound meditation (specifically with the application of Tibetan singing bowls) on mood, anxiety, physical pain, and overall well-being.

The study included 62 adult and senior men and women. All participants who experienced sound meditation reported lower levels of tension, anger, and fatigue.

Interestingly, even those participants who had not previously experienced this type of meditation and were skeptical about it reported a significant reduction in tension and stress.

What can I expect after a sound bath? 

According to practitioners' reports, sound baths have the following benefits:

  • profound deep relaxation
  • significant reduction of anxiety and stress
  • improved mood and long-lasting sense of well-being
  • improved sleep
  • improved digestion
  • increased focus and elevated levels of energy
  • feelings of rejuvenation
  • In the long run, the life-changing realizations that are engendered during and after a sound bath can also instill positive changes, such as: letting go of emotional traumas, solving interpersonal conflicts, and undoing negative habitual patterns. 

Are there any negative (side) effects of a sound bath? Can a sound bath be dangerous?

Sound baths are a perfectly safe way to heal and rejuvenate. And thanks to my gentle approach (and low volume), your hearing will never be negatively affected by the frequencies. 

During a session, you may experience some sadness and melancholy. These feelings are completely normal as vibrations and sounds unlock stagnant energy and emotions deep in your subconsciousness.

This shouldn’t be deemed as negative. Emotions = energy in motion. And by observing them in a safe environment, processing and letting go becomes much easier.

Are sound baths loud?

Loud sound baths are a big NO NO to me!

Unfortunately, some sound baths are led in an invasively loud way. This type of sound "healing" can evoke intense feelings of distress and anxiety. And experiencing such a sound bath could be unsettling and even harmful.

The approach to my work is ALWAYS gentle and respectful: I am gentle with sound and respectful with my audience. 

I play my instruments softly and I incorporate the power of silence to unveil its delicate beauty to you.

Are there some people who shouldn’t participate in a sound bath?

Everyone can participate in a sound bath. Yes, even pregnant women and children! (See the next two frequently asked questions.)

Since 2015, I have been  facilitating weekly sound baths in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers in New York City. There, I work with elderly people who suffer from various physical and mental conditions. Each time, I received overwhelmingly positive feedback. And there were no cases of unwanted sound bath side effects.

Is a sound bath dangerous for pregnancy? 

Just like everyone else, pregnant women (and their babies) can rest assured that no harm will be caused during or after a sound bath.

In fact, studies have linked music therapy before, during, and after pregnancy to a number of benefits, such as reduced anxiety and increased bonding.

My wife participated in my sound healing sessions during her first, second, and third trimesters. She experienced beautiful visions and affirmations, and she benefited from each sound bath with a better connection to her body and soul.

Today, we are blessed with a happy, healthy child. And my wife enjoyed a blissful postpartum.

Can children participate in a sound bath?

Yes, children are definitely welcome to participate in a sound bath!

The positive effects are valid for them too. And while some may find it challenging to sit quietly for an hour, in my experience, children above the age of seven have greatly enjoyed the sounds and atmosphere emitted by the different instruments.

Will a sound bath help me to sleep better?

While sound bathing is a deeply individual and unique experience, there is a big chance that you will sleep better after your session.

In most cases, the relaxation promoted during a sound bath extends into a peaceful feeling that lasts for days and even weeks. This results in less rumination and anxiety which in turn leads to better sleep.

How to create an ultimate meditation room at my home?

To start experiencing  the countless benefits of meditation, set up a nice spot at your home. I highly recommend to read the article, sharing awesome tips about how to create an ultimate room for meditation at your place. 

What is the cost of your sound bath session in New York?


  • Birthday sound bath, Bridal shower sound bath, Baby shower sound bath, Bachelor party sound bath, etc

Participants: 2 - 20: $500 

21 - 40: $700 (negotiable)


  • Sound bath for couples

Participants: 2: $450


  • Sound bath/sound meditation for businesses

Participants: 2 - 20 participants: $600

    21 - 40 participants: $700


  • Cacao/medicine plant ceremony sound bath

Price: $600 


All visits outside the area of five boroughs are subject to custom prices. Please contact us for details.